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What Have We Got? The Turbulent Story of Oi!
What Have We Got? The Turbulent Story of Oi!

What Have We Got? The Turbulent Story of Oi!

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By Simon Spence

The only book to consider Oi! as a distinct genre within punk rock, What Have We Got? is the story of a musical movement that became a national concern in the eighties and still divides opinion today.

Drawing on new interviews with Sham 69, Angelic Upstarts, Cockney Rejects, Crown Court, Lion’s Law, The Templars and many more, Simon Spence considers the genre’s inception and noble intentions, how it fell into infamy, and where it lies now.

With a growing and formidable audience in the US, Europe, Asia, South America and the UK, Oi! is as alive as it has ever been, and without the far-right associations that plagued its past.

"A great book: doesn't beat around the bush and a fair account of the Oi! scene from day 1 to the present day" Graham Saxby, The Warriors

‘A corker of a book. Spanning the whole history of the scene up until the modern day this book  delivers, without bias, a real life glimpse of what we know and love.’ Trevor Taylor, Crown Court

“Simon has hit the nail on the head: he did his research 100%. A lot of crap has been in written in the past so it’s nice to see an accurate account of the scene.” Chris Wright, Crashed Out

"Great book breaking down the history of this music genre and the trouble that has shadowed it since the beginning… stories galore & nice glossy pics as well" Phil Templar

“A well written and thoroughly researched book, with stories and recollections from people who were actually there" Deptford John 

Publication Date: 31.08.23
ISBN: 9781913172855
Extent: 320 pages
Format: Paperback

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