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Nirvana: The True Story (Omnibus Remastered)

Nirvana: The True Story (Omnibus Remastered)

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By Everett True

This is a true insider’s commentary on one of rock’s most influential bands, with a Foreword by Benjamin Myers (The OffingGallows Pole).

Everett True is responsible for bringing Nirvana, Hole, Pavement, Soundgarden and a host of other bands to public attention. He introduced Kurt to Courtney, performed on stage with Nirvana on numerous occasions and famously pushed Kurt onto the stage of the Reading Festival in 1992 in a wheelchair.

This is the true story written by the only journalist allowed into the Cobain house immediately after Kurt’s death. True reveals the details of what the legendary band was really like, what happened to Cobain in Olympia and Seattle, how Kurt first met Courtney, and gives the lowdown on the scenes, the seminars, the live dates, the friends and the drug dealers surrounding the grunge explosion.

Nirvana continues to exert an enormous power on popular music as new generations discover the poignancy in their music.

'Forget the journals, the 'authorised' biography: This is the book anyone touched by Nirvana has been waiting to read' MOJO

'The most provocative Nirvana biog yet.' Q Magazine

'What true can offer is a more vivid account from an insider's perspective than anything else yet published about this extraordinary band... He supplies an entertaining story' The Guardian

'Everett is the guy that like runs England' Courtney Love, 1993

'It was Everett who brought the label men scurrying to Seattle with their cheque books after writing excitedly in Melody Maker about the city’s independent rock scene in 1989' Carol Clerk, Uncut

'Everett True is the biggest rock star journalist in the whole world' Kurt Cobain, 1992

'Everett True is an astute cultural observer and a brilliant writer. His friendship with Nirvana, and Sub Pop, allowed him access to experiences that no other documentarian can share. Nirvana: the True Story is foundational reading.' Bruce Pavitt, founder Sub Pop Records

'At top volume and with a fuckload of feedback and distortion, Everett True introduced the world to a small corner of the US, which was sticky, beer-soaked and smelled like piss. It was Seattle grunge and it changed the world.' Megan Jasper, CEO Sub Pop Records, former singer with Dickless

'No journalist had a more nuanced and intimate sense of Nirvana than Everett True did because none of his counterparts were ever closer to Kurt Cobain. On top of that, Everett is a brilliant writer worthy of his subject in every respect.' Danny Goldberg

'I worked with both Nirvana and Everett True in the nineties and I witnessed firsthand the seismic impact they both had on music and culture. Their stories have had a vital impact and are worthy of a deep dive. Here’s Everett’s!' Janet Rich

'Everett’s friendship with Kurt changed the course of Daniel Johnston’s career when his gift of a t-shirt helped transform a simple frog into an iconic symbol of hope to generations of independent music fans.' Jeff Tartakov, former manager of Daniel Johnston

'An Everett True review is a work of art. No dispassionate observer, he made you feel like music was everything because he LIVED it. A certain type of artist found a kindred spirit in him, none more so than Kurt. He, the band, Courtney and all of us on the crew loved Everett, and he got access and stories (true or not) that no one else could.' Craig Montgomery, former Nirvana tour manager

'An insider’s account from the man who was there from ‘Love Buzz’ on. Nirvana was just one of a number of bands that were sprouting in the Pacific Northwest at the time, and their stories are equally compelling to read about. It’s a lively, outrageous, no-holds-barred account of the last great organic American rock movement before the Internet changed things forever.' Gillian G. Gaar, author of Entertain Us: The Rise of Nirvana

'Everett True pioneered and was involved with Nirvana early on. Everett was at the helm, the outsider, pioneering the musical outsiders. Nirvana became insiders and you were left standing in the doorway crying to quote Bob Dylan.' Gina Birch, singer, The Raincoats

'I concluded years ago that it is impossible to understand 90’s music scene to anyone. But if one were to try, starting with Everett’s book is a good place. He was here. He is a reliable witness. Or as Melville put it: ‘And I only am escaped alone to tell thee’.' Steve Fisk, Nirvana producer

'A solid argument can be made that Everett True was the guy to bring International attention to Seattle’s weird little music scene. He seemed to be everywhere, including living in Seattle for a while. Reading this book, I learned a lot about things I thought I already knew a lot about. I also sound like an arrogant little prick in this book. 59 year old me is sorry about 25 year old me. There’s lots of books about Nirvana out there, but I believe Everett got it about as right as anyone could. He was there.' Steve Turner, Mudhoney

Publication Date: 27.06.2024
ISBN: 9781915841384
672 pages

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