Modzines - Special Edition

Modzines - Special Edition

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By Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland

Modzines is the ultimate celebration of fanzines from the Mod revival era, featuring original artwork, photography and interviews with the key creators.

Leading figures from the scene including fanzine editors, bands, DJs, promoters, journalists and main faces are interviewed providing exclusive behind the scenes stories, anecdotes and memories. Fully illustrated with original, rare artwork from key issues as well as front covers and spreads from celebrated fanzines Direction Reaction Creation, Extraordinary Sensations, Roadrunner, Maximum Speed, Sense of Style, South Circular, Patriotic, Go Go, In The Crowd, Right Track, Beat That and many more.

This limited, box-set edition of 750 copies includes a 7” single ‘If I Was You’/’That’s What I Want’ by Long Tall Shorty (originally issued as a free flexidisc with the Direction Reaction Creation fanzine), a reproduction of issue one of Maximum Speed and a certificate of authenticity.


'Implacably exhaustive, Modzines combines evocative content with enthusiastic reminiscences, welcoming international reading matter … and zines with miniscule print-runs or regional biases alongside emblematic touchstones such as Maximum SpeedShake and Extraordinary Sensations.' - Record Collector 

'Exhaustive in its attention to detail, Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland have compiled the ultimate celebration of their culture, not only with reproductions of fanzine covers and features, but also with the quality of paper used – a matte finish and an unmistakable smell that evokes perfectly the magazines the book celebrates.’ - Classic Pop