Malcolm Williamson: A Mischievous Muse

Malcolm Williamson: A Mischievous Muse

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By Anthony Meredith

The extraordinary story of Malcolm Williamson is one of rare musical talent combined with outrageous behaviour.

An Australian, Williamson was the first non-Briton to hold the post of Master of the Queen's Music. He was appointed in 1975 and looked set to embellish his already illustrious career as a composer. By the time of his death in 2003 he was unproductive and largely forgotten.

Authors Anthony Meredith and Paul Harris tell his bizarre story unflinchingly, sifting fact from fiction and offering a strong case for re-evaluating this flawed man and multi-talented musician.

With an investigation of the myths, rumours and half truths surrounding this controversial and misunderstood figure, the authors reveal the rift between Williamson and the Royal family. He was pointedly not invited to contribute to several high profile occasions including the wedding of Charles and Diana. They discuss if his failed marriage and open bisexuality was deemed beyond the pale at the Palace...

Publication Date: 14.09.07
ISBN: 9781847721020
Extent: 400 pages
Format: Hardback

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