Defying Gravity: Jordan's Story - Special Edition

Defying Gravity: Jordan's Story - Special Edition

Omnibus Press
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By Jordan Mooney, with Cathi Unsworth

With her white beehive and Mondrian make-up, Jordan’s look helped shape a revolution on the King’s Road and has become an iconic part of pop culture. With commentary from key players, including Vivienne Westwood, Paul Cook and her partner behind the SEX counter Michael Collins, Defying Gravity is the revealing story of a life at the eye of punk’s storm.

Deluxe box-set edition - Limited to 500 copies

  • A copy of the book hand signed by Jordan
  • A specially designed poster featuring Graham Humphreys' jacket design
  • A T-shirt designed by Graham Humphreys
  • A certificate of authenticity


Format: Boxset
ISBN: 9781787602373