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Torn Apart: Punk, New Wave + the Graphic Aftermath, 1976-86

"The lasting influence and legacy of punk and new wave still lingers in the air today." 

That is the mission statement of a newly opened art exhibition at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, which is part of CalArts.

Torn Apart: Punk, New Wave + the Graphic Aftermath, 1976-86 features posters, flyers, publications, zines, clothing, stockers and buttons. it is the largest exhibition of punk and new wave graphics ever shown on the West Coast. It includes the work of well-known designers, including Vivienne Westwod, Malcolm Garrett and Chris Morton.

Photograph by Sheila Rock.

The exhibition includes a selection of vintage punk photographs by renowned music photographer Sheila Rock, whose striking images perfectly capture the innocence of the early days, the DIY fashion ethos and the raw energy of punk. A further exhibition of Sheila Rock's art will be opening on the 8th September at the William Benton Museum of Art in Storrs, Connecticut. 

Sheila Rock's book of punk photographs, Young Punks, is available now. 

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