The Sparks Brothers - Talent is an Asset

Edgar Wright's eagerly anticipated documentary film about Sparks is nearly upon us. It arrives in UK cinemas on the 30th July 2021. 

The film chronicles Sparks' extraordinarily productive, often-contradictory and always energetic career in music. According to Brandon Towns at Roger Ebert: "Never I have seen a documentary as fun as Wright's "The Sparks Brothers," which is thrilling from beginning to end".

Edgar Wright said of the documentary:

“I was just five years old when I was hypnotized by Ron & Russell Mael staring at me from the telly on a 1979 episode of Top Of The Pops,” Wright said of the documentary, adding: "Over the next four decades, their music has been a riddle turned full on obsession. The final destination of my fascination has been to make what I believe is the only thing stopping them from being as big as they deserve to be; a document of their incredible journey in music and everyone they’ve inspired along the way.”

For seasoned Sparks fans diving once more into 'Sparks-world' or those discovering 'your favourite band's favourite band' for the first time... Omnibus Press has published a critically acclaimed biography of the group. Daryl Easlea's book Talent is an Asset - The Story of Sparks is available now in paperback from the Omnibus store and a range of other retailers.