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Remembering Simon Wells

The news this week that Simon Wells had passed away hit every one at Omnibus hard. Remembering Simon, Managing Editor David Barraclough reflects...

Simon not only wrote some great books for us (Butterfly on a Wheel, an Anita Pallenberg biography, the London Life collection and The Making of Quadrophenia), but (as the outpouring of affection for him on Facebook will testify) was simply one of the nicest people you could work with.

Image used with permission of Quadrophenia Alley

Simon was also a talented musician. If you want to explore that lesser known side of Simon, you can do so here: https://simon-wells.208records.co.uk/

Over the years, Simon became a good friend, a friendship in part forged by a shared love of old British films. One of my favourite days was a trip to Letchworth we took together, when Simon generously gave up a day to show me the locations used in the great British science fiction film Village of the Damned. And as a bonus, he also took me round Bhaktivedanta Manor, where Hammer shot Fear in the Night. And we finally finished the day with a pint or two in the village pub.

It has been a great pleasure to know and work with Simon and at the moment it still doesn’t seem imaginable we won’t be able to do so again...


  • A lovely chap. An inspiration on my journey towards becoming a writer. Thank You, Simon.

    Vanessa Denman
  • RIP Si, you are missed.

  • Simon was a beautiful person. I cherish all the special times we spent together over many decades. He lived, he loved and he felt things very deeply. He shared love and kindness freely and without judgement. All his girlfriends and friends saw the rare gem that Simon was. His depth of emotion was rare and absolutely beautiful, his soul like a sparking gem of immeasurable beauty. It was an honour to know Simon in this lifetime and hopefully we will meet in another dimension one day. Definitely missed but not forgotten. Gone far too early xxx

  • Simon Wells was one of those super rare British gems, He was a gent kind considerate compassionate, he had an hello for anyone that gave him a hello, he was incredibly inspirational to me and others, I don’t no was in Simons vocabulary, you could ask anything of him and he’d be willing to help, he was a gentle soul who will be incredibly missed by all.

    R.I.P Si and hope your Jamming with some of the greats that were also taken way too soon.

    Alan Shine
  • Simon was lovely man, he was my cousin’s partner and soul mate. He was kind and considerate, and always happy to see him on his visits to North Wales.

    Geraint J Donnell

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