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Remembering Malcolm Dome and Paul McEvoy

Over the years we’ve worked with many talented people and sad to say within the last month we’ve lost two of them.

A journalist and author, Malcolm Dome was renowned in the world of rock and heavy metal. He wrote a number of respected books for Omnibus, from his first book Encyclopaedia Metallica, published in 1981, which is thought to have inspired the name of a certain metal band formed in the same year, to the stunning Art of Metal in 2013, which is sadly now out of print. Malcolm was a pioneering figure who will be missed. 

And hugely talented designer Paul McEvoy also passed away at far too young an age last month. Paul designed a number of books for us, just this year putting the finishing touches to Paul Anderson and Mark Baxter’s Scorcha! His design skills were undoubtedly an important factor in the great success both Scorcha! and Mods: The New Religion have had.Mark Baxter and Paul Anderson remember Paul:

'When the news of Paul's sad and untimely passing was announced, time and time again, I heard so many people saying that he was a gentleman and I can concur with that wholeheartedly. He will be badly missed.' - Mark Baxter

‘Apart from being a good friend, loving family man and a great drummer, Paul was a seriously great designer. I had the privilege of working with him on an exhibition, various albums, and of course three of my books, including the best selling New Religion and the latest one, Scorcha! Paul had a knack of making them all come to life with his ideas. He will be greatly missed.’ - Paul Anderson

Both Malcolm and Paul will be sorely missed and we can only say it was a privilege to know them both.

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