Christmas Discounts

Happy Holidays! 

It's that time. Christmas is fast approaching! We love to buy books for our friends and family as gifts... you can't beat gifting a great read!

This Christmas, we are offering a 20% discount on books this Christmas from our website store.

To claim your Omnibus discount, enter the code OmnibusGifts at the checkout to receive 20% on your order.

If you would like a personalised book recommendation, send us an email on with a description of the sort of music or books your recipient likes, and we will do our best to suggest a book that they will love! Please write 'Omnibus recommendations' in the subject line of your email, so we can get to it faster. If you are feeling particularly brave, we can even offer a 'blind date with a book', where we choose a book for you! 

Merry Christmas and happy book browsing!