Grant & I: Inside And Outside The Go-Betweens

Author: Forster, Robert
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Language: English
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Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 9781785585845
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Beautifully written – like lyrics, like prose – Grant & I is a rock memoir akin to no other. Part ‘making of’, part music industry exposé, part buddy-book, this is a delicate and perceptive celebration of creative endeavour.

With wit and candour, Robert Forster pays tribute to a band who found huge success in the margins, having friendship at its heart.

The Go-Betweens persistently defied categorisation. They were unconventional in line-up and look, noted for near misses and near hits, confounding themselves, fans and record companies with the choices they made. From their unusual beginnings (Grant didn’t want to be in a band – he couldn’t even play an instrument), through private and professional break-ups, to their reformation in 2000, Forster leads a merry and poignant dance across a thirty-year collaboration, culminating in the premature death of McLennan, in 2006.

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Published On: 18/08/2017
Format: Biography
Pages: Not specified

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