Reckless Life: Guns N' Roses - A Graphic Novel

Author: McCarthy, Jim
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Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 9781783054930
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Only a graphic novel could do justice to as vibrant, dynamic and exciting a band as Guns N' Roses. In Reckless Life, the Guns N' Roses story is told through the brilliant art of Marc Olivent and the incisive words of Jim McCarthy, making this a unique insight into the music, drugs and bust-ups of one of the biggest selling bands of all time.

Featuring the beginning of the band from the perspective of each member, Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven Adler, Reckless Life goes on to chart the rise of the band in the clubs of Hollywood, through to their unprecedented success, inevitable fall and finally becoming Axl's personal project. Told in the enjoyable and exciting style of a graphic novel, the Guns N' Roses story is brought to life through vivid images and fascinating biographical information. 

A true rock phenomenon and a force in themselves, the band were catapulted to fame with the release of their début album, 'Appetite For Destruction' in 1987. At a time when disco and watered-down pop metal ruled the airwaves, Guns N' Roses appeared with their brash brand of riffs, solos and a ton of attitude. Their story is one of feuds, riotous excess, actual riots and of course, fantastic rock music. Among the pages of this Guns N' Roses graphic novel can be found a visual telling of this incendiary band's history, giving fans a unique insight into the whole story.

For fans of Guns N' Roses as well as rock music, Reckless Life gives a fresh insight into one of the most talked-about and controversial bands ever to have existed. With striking art and great writing, the Guns N' Roses graphic novel is a must-read.

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Published On: 27/07/2015
Format: Biography
Pages: 160

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