Kanye West: God & Monster

Author: Beaumont, Mark
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Inside the pages of Kanye West: God & Monster by author Mark Beaumont, you will find the most in-depth, detailed and comprehensive biography of one of popular culture's most polarising icons. Divisive and dissident, the producer, rapper and entrepreneur has remained at the forefront of his musical genre, while simultaneously cultivating controversy in his private life. This biography will reveal all.

From his early beginnings rapping in the third grade, to a scholarship to Chicago's art school  where he studied painting before switching to English, Kanye's early life is detailed vividly by Beaumont, giving insight into the formative years of a man who would eventually go on to be one of the biggest celebrities in the world. After dropping out of college to pursue his musical dreams, Kanye West began his production and rap career, spanning numerous solo albums, hundreds of features and production credits and multiple awards.
From the soul of his first two albums, the conclusion of his college-inspired albums with 'Graduation', the heartfelt emotion on '808s and Heartbreak' to the epic masterpiece that was 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy', Kanye then released the abrasive polariser 'Yeezus'. Kanye West: God & Monster concludes with his collaborations with Paul McCartney on the verge of the hotly-anticipated next album. Delving into the compositional process of this hip-hop god, Beaumont details the trials, tribulations and triumphs that went into each and every one of Kanye's acclaimed albums.
Of course, Kanye West is not simply a musician, he has also created a character and personality that courts controversy. With on stage rants, a relationship with socialite Kim Kardashian and his strong opinions that he can't help but make public, this figure is as divisive as they come. Nobody can deny that his antics, life and music are fascinating, though, and with this Kanye West biography, the binary judgements of this massive cultural icon are blurred, letting you separate the art from the artist, the personality from the personal life.
If you've been looking for an unbiased, detailed biography of Kanye West, then Mark Beaumont's Kanye West: God & Monster is the most accurate and up-to-date account of the life and times of the pop culture phenomenon that is Kanye West.

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Published On: 07/04/2015
Format: Biography
Pages: 352

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