Dick Porter: Journey To The Centre Of The Cramps

Author: Porter, Dick
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Dick Porter's acclaimed and authoritative biography of one of the most influential and inventive garage punk bands ever, The Cramps. This book will take you through the turbulent history of the band by way of an exciting narrative and in-depth interviews, leading you on a Journey To The Centre Of The Cramps.

The Cramps were a unique phenomenon that took the New York punk scene by storm in the late 1970s. They were immediately notorious as their live performances continued to astonish and shock crowds, not least because of frontman Lux Interior's almost 7 foot frame. Their characteristic blend of lo-fi punk rock and traditional rock n' roll, with a little bit of kitsch horror thrown in for good measure has left an enduring legacy, including being recognised as the inventors of the psychobilly genre.

Based on Dick Porter's original and renowned biography, this new and revised edition goes into far greater detail, with even more unseen interviews with Poison Ivy, Lux Interior and other former band members. Importantly, Journey To The Centre Of The Cramps is more up-to-date than any other Cramps biography, telling their entire 35 year history up until their tragic split in 2009 following Lux Interior's untimely passing. The high-quality photograph section is the icing on this rock horrorshow cake, giving you an unparalleled insight into their live shows and their off-stage personas.

The Cramps had a fascinating history and every funny, terrifying and tragic tale is told in this no-holds-barred biography that is a phenomenon fitting for such a band. For anyone interested in the story of Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, the New York '70s CBGB scene, or simply good old rock 'n' roll, this fully updated Cramps biography is guaranteed to shock, surprise and entertain you for years.

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Published On: 06/01/2015
Format: Biography
Pages: 304

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