Mind Over Matter: The Images Of Pink Floyd

Author: Thorgerson, Storm
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Written by Storm Thorgerson, the designer for the majority of Pink Floyd's albums, this luxurious book features fascinating information and brilliantly vivid photographs that tell the instantly-recognisable story of one of the greatest bands ever. An essential book for any Floyd fan.

This is the 5th edition of a book that includes some of the most famous artworks ever, by one of the most loved artists ever, about possibly the greatest rock band ever. That sounds like an exaggeration, but the wealth of stunning images contained within, album covers, posters, band photographs, adverts, flyers, T-shirts, and so on, will easily convince you that all three of those statements are true. 

The late Storm Thorgerson first met David Gilmour at school when they were both teenagers, he then went on to found the graphic design company Hipgnosis, before founding Stormstudios later on. His list of works is almost endless, but it's those iconic Pink Floyd images that are the focus of Mind Over Matter. The Dark Side of the Moon album cover was designed by this man, the Wish You Were Here album cover was designed by him, nearly all of the other iconic album covers and art was designed by Thorgerson, whose tragic death in 2013 left the art world reeling.

Mind Over Matter is about the instantly-familiar and hugely well-loved art of the psychedelic progressive-rock band Pink Floyd, whose album covers were almost as well-known as their music. Featuring full-colour and high-quality imagery interspersed with Storm Thorgerson's words telling the story of how he came to produce such artworks that have now attained near-mythical status, this book is an absolute must for fans of Pink Floyd, album art, or even art in general. 

Thorgerson's style was to use photography - the medium of the real - and juxtapose everyday objects in extraordinary situations, thereby exposing and enhancing their stark beauty. Beauty is what this book is about, and it's pure joy to pore over, enhanced no doubt by listening to the legendary music while you do it!

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Published On: 29/01/2015
Format: Biography
Pages: 296

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